AdminDeviceLan 2.0

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2011-01-10
O/S Win 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7

AdminDeviceLan blocks the operation of devices (Flash, CD/DVD-ROM, FDD, etc.) for drives on network remote computers, thereby prevents theft of information from computers, unapproved installation of programs, to penetration of viruses from removable mass storages.

Handle of probably any quantity of computers, but it is possible and on one. There is a batch mode which allows to set and carry out the job for several computers one click, possibility of saving of the job in a file or the menu command. Time synchronisation, inclusion and reboot of remote computers and others has additional functions.

Possibility of concealment of the program from the user, the access prohibition to handle and customisations under the password. Intuitively clear interface, simplicity of operation.


  • Block CD-ROM(DVD-ROM), FDD(Floppy disk), Flash drive, prohibits record on flash drive.
  • Synchronize time and date for network computers.
  • Reboots and switches off computers entering into a network.
  • Batch job performance on several computers.
AdminDeviceLan 2.0
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