AJAX Calendar of Events 1.0

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2006-12-05
O/S JavaScript / AJAX

Displays a colorful, easy to read, floating, perpetual calendar, showing one month at a time, in a standard calendar grid. Navigation buttons allow for Next and Previous months, Next and Previous Year, and fast-forward and rewind buttons, jump ahead or back a pre-set number of months or years.

Click on a date and your custom .html document is displayed next to the calendar. If no events are scheduled for that date, your custom noEvent.html document is displayed.

Onload, your custom Welcome.html document is displayed.

Once you create your events documents, name them in an easy to read format: January-16-2007.html, or June-6-2007. No leading zero for dates less than 10.

Great for community organizations, performers, teachers, and even restaurants that have a "daily special" menu.

A live version is here:

Click on January 16th, the only date with an active "events" page.

Tested in Internet Explorer 6 and FireFox 1.5

AJAX Calendar of Events 1.0
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