Alarm Clock of Justice 2.2

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2008-10-05
O/S Win 2000/XP/Vista

The Alarm Clock of Justice is a computer alarm clock that can wake your computer from standby or hibernation to play a customizable alarm. By waking up from standby and hibernation your PC does not have to be turned on all night--and neither do its cooling fans. The alarm can consist of songs/videos/websites/programs or any other kind of file, talking reminders, and volume effects (fade in/out, random, unmute, etc.).

Snooze is fully supported in the new release. An Insomniac mode will try to keep you from shutting down your computer for a specified period time. The new backup alarm uses your full volume to play the Alarm Clock of Justice song if your regular alarm fails--it has saved me a couple times. Different parts of the alarm can now be timed; for example, a song can start playing 10 seconds after the reminder displays.

Alarm Clock of Justice 2.2
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