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O/S Win 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP/2K3/Vista/7

BugTracker.NET is a free, web-based bug or issue tracker written using ASP.NET, C#, and Microsoft SQL Server/MSDE. It is in daily use by hundreds (maybe thousands) of development and support teams around the world.

BugTracker.NET is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

BugTracker.NET is easy to install and learn how to use. When you first install it, it is very simple. However, it offers you the ability to change its configuration to handle your needs if they are more complex.


  • Works well for tracking customer support issues too. You can customize the interface without changing code so that it says "issues" instead of "bugs".
  • Attach files to bugs. For example, attach a screen shot of the problem to the bug.
  • Change the look of bug lists by color and status. For example, have high priority bugs list in a different color.
  • Search for bugs using flexible criteria. Save searches as SQL queries that you can run or modify later.
  • Configure different user roles to see different lists of bugs. For example, a developer might see a list of open bugs. A QA analyst might want to see a list of bugs ready for testing.
  • Define your own statuses and workflow, or stick with the simple one it installs with.
  • Subscribe to email notifications that tell you when a bug has been added or changed.
  • View history of changes and log of comments posted to bugs.
  • Allows for entry of bugs via email. Saves the incoming attachments too. A POP3 client is included that will fetch emails and stuff them in the database as bugs. You can reply to the emails from within BugTracker.NET and your replies will be recorded.
  • Includes some starter bug statistic reports with pie charts and bar charts. Easy to create your own reports if you know SQL.
  • Merge duplicate bugs into each other.
  • Control who can view, report, edit bugs by project.
  • Includes a screen capture utility that allows you to capture a screenshot, annotate it, and post it, with just a few clicks.
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