Bytessence PasswordManager 4.1

Developer:Developers Website
O/S Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7

Bytessence PasswordManager is a free / open source personal information management tool, createdfrom the need of remembering data like logins and passwords for different websites. While manyinternet services use such logins, the quantity of passwords the users need to remember grows dramatically,reaching a point where they will write them on paper or simple text files, making them a potential victim ofdata theft.

BPM was designed to be light, small and easy to use. It also features active protection capabilitieslike a configurable boss key (hides BPM from the screen completely or restores it), automatic clipboardclearing (after a number of seconds the clipboard is cleared to get rid of any sensitive information),automatic close of open containers (useful in case you leave your PC unprotected) and automatic backupwhen saving files. BPM can also be extended with plugins in the form of tools (virtual keyboard to avoidyour keystrokes to be intercepted by hardware keyloggers, password analyzer and generator), importers andexporters. Best of all, BPM is open source so you can have a look under the hood and even help us fix bugs,send suggestions for future versions, etc.


  • Small and fast, no runtimes are needed
  • Easy to use, clean and intuitive interface
  • Advanced group and entry management (data movement, editing, searching, sorting, etc.)
  • Supports file attachments (with preview via plugins)
  • Powerful, 256 bit AES (Rijndael) data protection
  • Extendable with plugins (tools, importers, exporters, attachment previewers) - 14 included
  • Enhanced security features (boss key, automatic clearing of clipboard contents, automatic closing of open containers, automatic container backup)
  • Supports drag and drop operations (for opening files and dragging data to other programs)
  • Portable (can be used from USB flash drives)
  • Open source code, licensed under GNU General Public License version 3

System requirements: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7

Bytessence PasswordManager 4.1
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