CaptureFlux 6.0.4

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2008-08-01
O/S Windows XP

Preview a live video or audio stream, record it in direct-to-disk or grab images from the stream.

CaptureFlux deals with live video or audio streams coming through a firewire card in DV format, or on an analogic video acquisition board,a sound card, or even on a usb- webcam. In each case, the relevant driver must be correctly installed and be compatible with directshow 9. CaptureFlux does not manage the mpeg sources in standard, but can accept plug-ins for these devices. Presently, plug-ins for the box ADS Tech DVDXpress DX2, Dazzle DVC130 and Dazzle DVC170 are available on my web site.

It allows to preview the video in fullscreen with or without saving it to a tape or a hard-disk. The video may be recorded to a file ("direct-to-disk"), either in the native format or converted to an avi DV format (type2). In this case, you can choose between Pal or NTSC format. You may also convert in real time to Windows Media Video (wmv) or to divx or Xvid and mp3 (if the relevant encoders are installed on your system).

Audio can also be recorded to a Wav or mp3 file, even audio included in a video source (like a DV camera or the ADS tech box). The capture may be scheduled at any date and time.

CaptureFlux application was designed to help you grab a jpeg or bmp image from the live video stream. These images can be assembled into an AVI file. Even, CaptureFlux may snap pictures on a regular time-interval basis (intervalometer).

CaptureFlux is able to insert the date and time as an inlay into the video file. If it's a DV stream, the datecode (date and time of capture by the camcorder) may be displayed and recorded on the file. You must understand that this inlay is only recorded in recompressed formats, because in native formats the video image is indeed not modified. So choose DV type2 (recompressed) or Wmv or divX as capture format if you want to keep the date in the video.

Requirements: stream device installed on a firewire card in DV format.
CaptureFlux 6.0.4
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