Clear Focus Call Centre

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2006-10-07
O/S Win 98/ME/2000/XP/2003

Clear Focus Call Centre is completely free call centre software for SME's. With powerful reporting tools, multi-user capabilities and robust design Clear focus Call Centre provides a useful cost free solution.


  • Multi-User System – Setup as many individual users as you like, each with their own passwords. This enables you to keep track of which person took which call, run reports on individual users and allows users to personalise their preferences.
  • Multiple Views – Use the predefined views to easily check the status of calls and keep track of your own calls.
  • Reporting – The reports system can be used to keep track of your users and the amount of calls they are answering / closing. Additionally it can report on the amount of calls not closed within your chosen lead time. A bar graph representation of the report can also be produced for your use.
  • Personalisation – Everybody likes it there own way right? Clear Focus Call Centre offers user the ability to personalise options such as screen colours and positions so that even if another user is using the desktop your preferences will be saved.
  • Easy Data Entry – Raising a call is a simple as can be. Open the New Call form, enter a few simple details and save it – it's as easy as that! You can even save companies and products on the fly, so the next time you need them they are there for you to use.Data Export – Export data to Microsoft Excel® with the click of a button. You now have access to all the reporting and chart creation tools offered by this Office product.
  • Call Archiving – Easily move older calls to the calls archive using the Clear Focus Call Centre – Server module.
  • Version Independence – Whichever Windows version you are using, Clear Focus Call Centre can be deployed easily using ClickOnce® and .Net 2.0® technologies. Upgrade easily to .Net 2.0 during installation* to receive the benefits of using this latest Microsoft® technology.
  • Network Deployable – Deploy Clear Focus Call Centre datafiles to your server and multiple client machines will be able to connect. This is a perfect solution if you have several users who all need to take calls at the same time.
Clear Focus Call Centre
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