Compact Folders Disabler - Outlook Express 1.0

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2009-07-27
O/S Windows XP

Stop that annoying compact folders box appearing in Outlook Express with this little application.

The Compact Folders Disabler application uses command line parameters to allow the user to decide which state the application should run in these are:

  • No Parameters - if no parameters are set the application UI will be displayed and the user can manualy start the processing
  • Silent - This mode launches the app, runs the processing and then closes the app, the user never sees the app running.
  • KeepActive - if this command line is passed in the app will run silently (invisibly) and will ensure that the compact folders screen is NEVER shown.
If no parameters have been passed, or the silent mode has been used, there is a chance that if Outlook Express is closed more than 100 times before the app is run again the compact folders box will appear.
Compact Folders Disabler - Outlook Express 1.0
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