Data Crow 3.9.12

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O/S Win 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP/2K3/Vista/7

Data Crow is a music (audio CD's and mp3, ogg, flac, ape, .. files), book, software and movie cataloger. It is platform independent and easy to install. Data Crow uses internet services like, and to retrieve information. It's platform-independent and is easy to use..

Data Crow is an open source project developed by Robert Jan van der Waals. The project began in 2002 under the name "CD Library". After further development, CD Library was deemed to be an obsolete name because it no longer reflected the program's functionality and the project was renamed Data Crow.

For those who like to collect software, books, movies and or music, Data Crow can help! The program needs only a little input from you to register your collection. For example, registering a piece of software is as easy as inputting the software's name or publisher and Data Crow retrieves the rest of the information from Amazon. For audio files, it's even simpler! Just browse to the directory that contains the audio files and Data Crow reads and imports the embedded tag information (artist, album name, track name, and so on).


  • A User Manual
  • Internal help system (activated by the F1 key)
  • Nice-looking and easy-to-use interface
  • Platform-independent (including the database)
  • Software registration
  • Audio CD registration
  • Music files registration
  • Movie registration
  • Book registration
  • Reporting (new)
  • support (
  • imdb support (
  • freedb support (
  • Imports information from CD or your hard disk
  • Extracts information from music files (including the tag content of OGG, FLAC, APE and MP3 files)
  • Supports parsing for DivX, Xvid, ASF, MKV, OGM, RIFF, MOV, IFO, VOB and Mpeg video
  • Hide fields, Update All values, etc
  • SQL query tool, for expert users
  • Highly customizable!
  • No frills HSQL database, no need for ODBC-JDBC bridge drivers
System Requirements : Java Runtime Environment.
Data Crow 3.9.12
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