DataSafe Backup 1.0.68

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2009-04-14
O/S Windows XP

The main purpose of DataSafe Backup is to periodically save your important files to a safe location. The files to be saved can be grouped into jobs and backed up according to various settings such as run frequency, backup type, encryption, compression, and many others. Files in any existing backup run can be easily restored to their original or an alternate location, or they can be accessed directly from the backup location (provided that they have not been encrypted).


  • Backups can be performed using one of the following backup types: full, incremental, differential, and mirror.
  • Backups can be compressed in the standard zip format.
  • Backups can be encrypted using a 256-bit AES encryption method.
  • Backup of locked or open files is fully supported.
  • The files that are unchanged between different backup versions can be copied via hard links (mirror backups only).
  • Backups can be targeted to any of the following destinations: hard disk, network share, and cd.
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface (see the screen shot below).
  • The built-in scheduler allows backups to run unattended.
  • A detailed event log is created after each backup or restore.
  • Existing backups can be restored to the original or an alternate location.
  • The files to be saved can be filtered with include and exclude filters.

Download DataSafe Backup for Windows Vista (3.24MB)
Download DataSafe Backup for Windows 2003 (3.21MB)

DataSafe Backup 1.0.68
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