DealAlert Shopping Assistant

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2005-07-26
O/S Win 98/ME/2K/XP

Chanches are that if you are not spending most of your time searching for deals, coupons and lowest prices for your next purchases, you will miss the best coupons and deals, that only last a few minutes or hours at most! With DealAlert, you will receive instant notifications when a new deal, coupon or user topic is posted. You can customize to receive notifications for all the new coupons or deals, or only those matching your predefined search filters. Plus, DealAlert will automatically save and organize by store, category and date all the downloaded store coupons, hot deals and user topics on your computer, so you can easily find them anytime, even when you're not online. DealAlert has also a powerfull shopping list, helping you to organize the items that you need to purchase by dates, stores and categories, and generate and print on-the-fly shopping lists before your next shopping trip! More, DealAlert can search for coupons and deals for any of the items in your shopping list! And using the DealAlert online price comparison tool, you can search for the items you want to purchase simultaneously at the most popular online and retail stores, like,, Target, Wallmart, Borders, Office Depot, Dell and many more, so you'll always find the lowest prices for your next purchases!
DealAlert Shopping Assistant
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