Debug Inspector 1.2.3

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2008-10-23
O/S Windows XP/VISTA

Debug Inspector TM is a Visual Studio® Extension (on Visual Studio Gallery) and a standalone exe that allows you to view the call stacks of multiple threads at the same time, plugs in to the internals of the CLR and automatically detects deadlocks.BETA standalone for unmanaged native deadlock detection.

It allows you to see exactly what the CLR is doing under the hood and shows, for each thread, the monitors owned and the monitor waited on, if any.

Multiple Threads
Browse Multiple thread's call stacks at the same time. No more switching threads using the threads window.

Automatic Deadlock Detection
If there's a deadlock, it will appear in the deadlocks node. No more trawling through call stack and autos windows to find those pesky critters hiding away.

Wait and Owned
See which objects your thread owns, and which object you are waiting on.

CLR Stack Frames, as CLR reports them
See the actual internal CLR Stack frames and frame types as the CLR stores them.

Context Menu
Choose from Hexidecimal display, Module names, Line numbers and byte offsets.

Go to Code, Go to Disassembly
Double click on the stack frame and go to the line of code, if available, or the JIT disassembly of the method.

Debug InspectorTM Version works on both Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008, although for Visual Studio 2005 you will need to install the .Net Framework 3.5.
Debug Inspector 1.2.3
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