Dialup Password Recovery 1.0

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2007-04-30
O/S Win 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP/2K3

Dialup Password Recovery was designed for Dialup, VPN (Remote Access) password recovery. It can help you to recover lost or forgotten passwords for your RAS settings. When you lost or forget your saved windows dial up (RAS) password, this tool will help you to recover it. You can use Dialup Password Recovery for free without limits for you own passwords recovery.

Dialup Password Recovery displays the RAS password hidden by asterisks *** . If you saved your dial up or VPN (RAS) password long time ago and forgot it, then Dialup Password Recovery is what you need.


  • Find out all dial up and vpn passwords stored on Windows System
  • Copy your saved passwords to the clipboard for later purposes.
  • Recover dial up and vpn settings such as:
    • network device type and device name
    • phone number, IP address or host name
    • User name, domain and password
  • Easy to use - the recovery is simple, just start the tool and select the connection
Dialup Password Recovery 1.0
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