Digi-Annotator 3.0

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2008-06-23
O/S Win 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP/2K3

Digi-Annotator started life as a relatively simple program designed to add a note to a digital photo. It has grown into much more. It is now a tool you can use to enhance your digital images and create not only images with notes but photographs you can be proud to keep and show.

Creating digital e-cards from your own photos and emailing directly from Digi-Annotator is extremely simple. Creating images suitable for use on a web page couldn't be easier. Making catalogue and instructional pictures takes no time at all. Children can use Digi-Annotator to produce creative graphics in support of project work. And much more...

With Digi-Annotator you can take a graphic image directly from source, resize it to a more manageable size, annotate it (and possibly 'watermark' it) , add interesting borders and graphics, convert it and save it, print it and email it.
Digi-Annotator 3.0
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