Easy AJAX/PHP Chat

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2006-09-29
O/S PHP/AJAX/JavaScript

*** Improved Code ***
Now has color coded screen names, and a password protected "Reset Chat" button for the owner. Also includes a setting to limit the maximum number of users to 6.

For PHP servers. No database is needed or used, just two .txt files.Displays the user name and a timestamp, followed by his/her message. Displays the most recent message at the top of a scrollable area. Two variables in the newMessage.php file can be editedto set "localOffset" and "maxMessages". The offset is used if your server time is different from your local time, and you want to use local time for the message timestamp.The maxMessages variable sets the number of messages to be saved/displayed. If maxMessages is 10, for example, only the 10 most recent messages are saved/displayed.

Easy AJAX/PHP Chat
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