Email Avenger 1.0

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2006-11-06
O/S Win 98/ME/2K/XP/2K3

Have you ever had your email server go down? Have you ever not been able to access your email account? If you are like most people, you answered yes.

Email is no longer a toy. It's an important part of our everyday lives. Email Avenger lets you get back your ability to email reliably wherever you are, with no email account, no email server, no email address.

There is no configuration, no settings, no hassles. Just type in your email and click Send. It's that easy.

By downloading and using Email Avenger, you become responsible for what you use it for. It is meant as an EMERGENCY EMAIL UTILITY to help when you cannot use your email account.

You can enter any email address you like, so Email Avenger is a little open to abuse... So... to limit that, there is a footer at the bottom that links to Renegade Minds here and the number of emails you can send at 1 time is limited to 10 emails.

If you have received email threats from someone or outright inappropriate emails from someone using Email Avenger, there is nothing we can do. BUT, you can send the original email that includes all the email headers to your local police, ISP, or system administrator. They can take action against the culprit. Do not contact us about abuse. We cannot be responsible.

Email Avenger 1.0
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