ExS v0.5.1

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2007-07-08
O/S Windows XP

ExS is a simple scientific calculator that provides more functionality than the built-in Windows calculator. It can calculate basic math and evaluate complex math expressions. Everything is entered on one line (or use the mouse) and all input and output is kept in memory in the calculator's scrollable display. This is a complete Windows calculator replacement.


  • Inspired by the TI-30* series of calculators
  • Input long expressions in one line
  • Keep track of all input and output in the scrollable display
  • Automatically stores the last answer to a problem
  • Supports advanced math functions like sin (sine), cos (cosine), tan (tangent), sqr (square root), ln (natural logarithms), pi (3.14), abs (absolute value), hex (hexadecimal), and more
  • Export calculations to .RTF format so you can print your work (like a calculator with tape roll!)
  • Completely keyboard-aware, or use the mouse
  • User-defined functions (like setting expressions in memory)
  • Small, light-weight (no bloatware here!)
  • Much, much more!
ExS v0.5.1
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