FileOrganiser 1.601

Developer:Developers Website
O/S Win 98/ME/XP/Vista/7

FileOrganiser was developed to replace 'Explorer', the main difference is that this uses 2 panes and has 'bookmarks'. To make life much easier, especially for teachers. Two windows makes it simpler to copy FROM and TO.

This is also several programs in one.


  • Replacement File Explorer. On restart returning to where you were. (AND MUCH MORE!)
  • More accessible 'find' or search function.
  • Camera and USB pen detection. autodetects folder where your photos are.
  • Info button, to find out where all the disk space is used.
  • Extensive, flexible file renaming. (To make searches easier in the future!!)
  • Save file/ folder structure to a text file, so this can be printed.
  • Save to an html document your favourite internet links. (from Internet Explorer) This can then be uploaded to your Web site.
FileOrganiser 1.601
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