Fluent Oscillator 1.02

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2011-10-30
O/S Any OS with JRE

Realtime signal generator, designed for audio amplifier testing.

The features not found in other signal generators:

  • amplitude, frequency and duty cycle are adjustible with smooth sweeps roughly by slider and exactly by keyboard
  • shows signal waveform
  • adjustible sample rate
  • signal rate 0 .. SR bound
  • zero CPU utilization
  • console version generates different formats (mono/stereo, 7/8/16 bit, signed/unsigned PCM) and outputs them to audio adapter, raw file, serial port or console
  • the basic set of signals (sine, saw, circle, rectangle and triangle) is extensible by writing simple java classes
  • written in java runs on any platform/OS
  • no installation is needed. Being packaged into a JAR file, the program can be started by online link mouse-click
  • free source codes
System Requirements : Java Runtime Environment
Fluent Oscillator 1.02
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