FTPMailzipper 2

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2009-11-30
O/S Windows XP/Vista

Emailing files as attachments, particularly large files or files that are possible virus containers, can be very frustrating. You can never be sure if the recipient's server has rejected the mail until you get back that annoying message telling you the mail was not delivered! Or not!

There are sites which provide a service to get around this problem, normally for a fee. Now you can easily do it yourself from your desktop for FREE. FTPMailzipper will zip your files (with a password if required), zoom them up using FTP and open your email client with an email message containing the download link ready to for you to send to as many recipients as you want.

If you have FTP access as part of your contract, (most users do but there is lots of free space if you don't ) use it to temporarily hold your files. Let your recipient decide when to download files. Don't flood their mailbox with large attachments. Don't risk a 'non-delivery' because their server doesn't like your files. If you distribute files, make them available to multiple recipients.

FTPMailzipper is a unique tool that fuses email and FTP to provide an improved experience.

FTPMailzipper 2
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