Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2002-05-17
O/S Win 9x/ME/2K/NT/XP

GuildFTPd features:

  • AutoBAN to control hammering
  • On/Off case sensitive passwords
  • deleted files can be sent to Recycle Bin
  • allow multiple or single instance of program running
  • Advanced User creation to assist in configuring user accounts
  • Passive IP and ports for use behind SOHO DSL/Cable routers
  • Event Manager with variables to provide customized "user" functions
  • Send & Receive Buffer Size Control
  • On/Off Host Name Reverse Lookup of Client
  • Minimum and Maximum speed limits
  • Random password generator with option to copy password to clipboard
  • Hide Hidden files and folders
  • Multiple connection ports
  • Server messages and variables
  • Download speed control, Upload speed control
  • Resume uploads/downloads
  • Instant server statistics, when using the STATS plug-in
  • Plug-in support to allow a truly customized server that fits your needs and only gives you what you need
  • Drag-n-drop Users from one Group to another
  • User Banning and IP Masking to control access to the server on a user or IP address level
  • Real-time Connection Graph
  • Ability to SPY current connections or review past connections
  • Review uploads and downloads from a user's session
  • Kick users off the server manually by right-clicking them in the connections window
  • Limited remote administration of the server using the optional SITE Commands plug-in and Permission flags setting
  • Customizable toolbar
  • more
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