Halt! v1.2

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2007-10-01
O/S Windows XP

Create your own list of sites that you want to block and specify categories with you own blocking rules. You can block any site and this program doesn't depend on the browser that you use. Setup will ask you for username and password that will be used for stopping of blocking service.

After installation, run Halt! Control Center. The control center has 3 main frames. The left frame will list sites with their categories. The top right frame will list categories. The Bottom right frame will set schedules.

Start by adding a category: add a category name like "$$$", add a description "High Risk Gambling", set the blocking rule for this category "Always" and a date when this rule should expire "01/Jan/2007". (If you set the block to Schedule it will display the schedule frame and you can specify times when access is blocked/permitted)

The next column is called Change. This is the time delay which will be applied to this category if you decide to change the blocking rules, or if you amend a sites category. So if you set Change to "one month", and later decide to change the blocking rule from Always to schedule it will take 1 month to apply the rule change. Or, if you try to change the category for a site from "$$$" to something else it will take 1 month to take effect.

When you have set the category name, description, Blocking rule, Expiry Date and Change delay you can click "Add Category". It should add the category to the list. Now we can add sites and assign this category. In the left frame (Sites), add a site URL (without the prefix http://) e.g. www.blockme.com Use the dropdown list to select a category. If you have only added one category then it will already be selected. Click "Add" Then click "Save & Close" in the bottom right corner. This applies the changes and closes the application.

Halt! was written to help people with an addiction to internet gambling. So it has been designed to be difficult to disable or uninstall. A password (entered during installation) is required to stop or uninstall this program.

System Requirements : Microsoft .NET Framework
Halt! v1.2
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