Helium Reporter 0.3b

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2009-03-23
O/S Windows XP/2003

Helium Reporter is a lightweight web reporting tool written in ASP.Net using the VB.Net programming language.

The goal of Helium is to provide a display and formatting framework that adapts to the underlying data and automatically handles the formatting and layout tasks that are typically left to the reports developer to do. This is accomplished through a set of reporting tables, stored procedures, and functions that reside in a SQL Server database along with the dynamic front end code that can handle nearly all needed functions of reporting automatically.


  • Zero report development required. All reports are formatted using standard CSS stylesheets and an automated layout engine.
  • Extremely simple report definition requirements (a single record in a SQL table defines the report)
  • All required data retrieval code is contained within the report's SQL stored procedure.
  • Automated report parameter definitions are based on stored procedure parameters.
  • Easily defined "dropdown" lookups provide pick lists for any report parameter.
  • Automatic report pagination.
  • Sorting by column.
  • Formatting (any hyperlink in the report data will be clickable in the report)
  • Drill-down capabilities via embedded hyperlinks.
Helium Reporter 0.3b
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