Household Register 2011 v7.02

Developer:Developers Website
O/S Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7

Household Register 2011 is a free home inventory software program for the PC helps you organize, manage and catalog a detailed list of everything you own. It's ideal for both home and office inventories.

Household Register 2011 automatically organizes each inventory entry by category, location, and owner. You cancustomize the category, location, and owner look-up lists to fit your inventory needs.

This program tracks item, location, owner, category, serial number, model number, description, purchase and replace prices, warranty information, extended warranty information, appraisal information, and a 32,000-character memo field.

Exports/import your home inventory data to html, excel, ascii, and dbase. Prints reports to screen, printer, PDF, HTML, XML and text.

The program will also aid in determining the amount of insurance required for your home owner or renters insurance policy. The program can be used to assists in estate planning, by assigning possessions to heirs through the use of the owners field.

Household Register 2011 v7.02
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