iP 1.0

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2007-02-06
O/S Win 2000/XP/Vista

iP is a FREE revolutionary 2D Avatar Visual Chat software application.


  • Scalable 32 bit full color 672x672 Avatars made from up to 16 224x224 props.
  • State of the art built in editors for Avatars, Rooms, Server Settings, Scripts and more.
  • All of the Administration of your iP server can be done remotely within the iP client software.
  • Multiple levels of Server Staff, 12 moderation tools to deal with troublesome users.
  • User client moderation tools so that users can deal personally with annoying people.
  • Room editing, including uploading of media can be done easily within the iP client interface.
  • Any room can have built in AVs, viewable and selectable within a pop up panel.
  • Users can scale AVs (1 pixel to 2x normal), flip AVs horizontally or vertically with simple commands.
  • AVs can be shared with a simple right click menu item. And are automatically saved to the prop set.
  • Users can have multiple prop sets, and switch between them effortlessly while chatting.
  • Both the iP Client Software and iP Server Software is totally FREE.
  • Low cost hosting is available from a variety of hosting companies, or run your own on your computer.
  • Join the growing iP community today, download the free iP client software, and begin having fun!
System Requirements : 1024x768 Desktop or higher and Win 2000-XP-Vista
iP 1.0
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