Java Mod Player

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2012-02-06
O/S Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7

A useful audio player for .mod, .xm, .mp3 and .s3m files with interpolation support.


  • NoiseTracker Mods (*.nst)
  • ProTracker-Mods (*.mod, *.wow: M.K., M!K!, FLT4, FLT8, 4CHN, 6CHN, 8CHN, CD81, OKTA, CH/CN) ProTracker Mods are played with the original Periods of the ProTracker 2.1A Playroutine! No XM nor IT compatible interpolating.
  • FastTracker 2 MODs (*.xm)
  • ScreamTracker (*stm, *s3m)
  • ImpulseTracker (*.IT) WILL COME (loading is already possible)
  • Original ModTable (16 Finetune-Tables)
  • XM Log-Table interpolation
  • XM Linear Table
  • stm/s3m/it-Frequencies
  • All effects are implemented (IT: the NNA effects are still missing)
  • Interpolated mixing (linear, Cubic, windowed FIR)
  • Noise Reduction
  • 8/16/24-Bit Output: internally 24 bit is used
  • some Eye-Candy: Peakmeter, Wave-Meter, etc.
  • Plus support for mp3, mp3 http streams, wav, au, aif and midi
  • With MP3: display of ID3v1-, ID3v2-Tags and Limecast, Shoutcast (und compatible) Tags
  • APPLETS: because a lot of people asked for it! Here you have a test page Please do not forget: if you use the applet with a playlist, you need URLs in the playlist! Local files will not work (of course) (Sample)
  • Supports now pls and m3u playlist files
  • Endless loops can be recognized and stopped (via fade out)
  • WAV-export
  • and a lot more!
System Requirements : Java Runtime Environment
Java Mod Player
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