JiJiTechnologies Password Reset 1.0

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2008-03-08
O/S Win XP/2003/Vista

JiJiTechnologies Password Reset is a web based password reset management system that allows users to reset their password. It supports help desk delegation. JiJiTechnologies Password Reset Service can help your organization to reduce costs, improve security, and increase productivity.


  • Overcomes the vulnerability in Self service password reset which relies solely on answers to personal questions.
  • Supports Password Reset/Unlock account/Change Password through web with/without help desk.
  • Avoids vulnerable user authentication mechanism like asking set of personal questions rather uses the default windows authentication for doing Password Reset/Unlock account.
  • Administrator can give Password Reset Permission for a group/team, so those who are in the group/team can manage their own password related problem themselves.
  • Administrator can view the history of actions/operations done by the users which will be helpful for tracking purpose.
  • Improve user productivity and reduce help desk work load.
  • Do not need the tedious user Enrollment process.
  • No need to install Password Reset on every computer.

Free Edition:
The free edition allows you to have up to 100 users.

The download file is same for Free and Standard Edition. When you install the product the Standard Edition will be installed and will work for 30 days. You have to get the Free Edition or Standard Editon license inorder to work further.

System Requirements:

  • IIS 4.0 or higher with ASP.Net version 2.0.50727 enabled.
  • System Requirements : Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
  • Windows Active Directory Domain setup.
  • Supports installation on Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows 2003 systems.
JiJiTechnologies Password Reset 1.0
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