Jukebox Browser 1.0

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2009-08-04
O/S Windows XP/Vista

JukeBox Browser is first and foremost an MP3/WMA player, and an MPEG/AVI/WMA video player as long as the relevant codecs are present on your computer.

JukeBox Browser is not only a multimedia player, but also a virtual jukebox whose purpose is to simplify the management of your media collection...with knobs on.

JukeBox Browser has a very simple interface, which among other things, will allow any image to be associated with a folder, so that album covers and photographs can be used to illustrate your song folders. No more changing CDs, no more scratches and jumps.

JukeBox Browser gives you full access to your whole library of music and videos. Be guided by your mood and the click of your mouse.

Jukebox Browser 1.0
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