Kaspersky Rescue Disk

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O/S Windows XP/Vista/7

Kaspersky Rescue Disk is a safe way to remove viruses from a computer without the risk of getting infected. Boot from the Kaspersky Rescue Disk to scan and remove threats from an infected computer without the risk of infecting other files or computers.

Burn this ISO image to a CD/DVD, insert it into the infected system's CD/DVD-ROM drive, enter the PC's BIOS, set it to boot from the CD/DVD and reboot the computer.

System Requirements:

  • CD-ROM / DVD (to install Kaspersky Rescue Disk from the installation CD).
  • USB socket (to install Kaspersky Rescue Disk from a removable boot drive).
  • Writing CD-ROM / DVD (for writing Kaspersky Rescue Disk image).
  • Support for booting from USB and CD / DVD.
  • Support for file systems FAT32/NTFS/Ext2/Ext3/Ext4/Reiser.
  • VESA-compatible video card.
Kaspersky Rescue Disk
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