KMB Text Compare v1.0.0

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2007-08-12
O/S Windows XP

KMB Text Compare implements a diff algorithm. The original idea for this program was to compare G-Code programs to check if there were any differences between versions and/or machines. This program is not limited to G-Code programs, but can compare any type of file containing text or values.

There are many useful functions for the user. Each matching line is set side by side. If a different line is detected, it is offset and indicated when the cell is filled in. The user is capable of customizing the different cell fill/font color. The user can also choose if KMB Text Compare recognizes upper/lower case letters, spaces. The user can also choose if KMB Text Compare opens the files as text or values.

Another useful function is that the user can open the selected file for editing. The default editor is Notepad.exe, but the user can add other editing programs if they wish. The last file names are saved and will appear in the edit boxes the next time the user loads files. This is a very powerful tool, yet easy for anyone use.

Please note that the algorithm is a little slow. The user should only load files that they know are similar. The larger the file and the amount of different lines will determine how long KMB Text Compare takes to load the files. A help file is included to assist the user. Note: KMB Text Compare is included with KMB Trace 2007.
KMB Text Compare v1.0.0
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