mEdit2008 Beta 1

System Requirements : Developers Website
Release Date:2008-01-09
O/S Windows 2000/XP/Vista

This text editor allows combining several documents (worksheets) as a file (workbook). One can switch between the worksheets via tabs on the workbook.

Equipped with many general text editor functions, this software provides editing options, including: copy, cut, and paste; and text formatting features; as well as find and replace tools. Useful additional information (meta data) can also be stored with the workbook.

Meta data--information such as when the worksheet was created, edited or last viewed; how many times the worksheet was edited; and label and comment attributes--can be set for each worksheet. Moreover, this software can create new meta data or delete unnecessary meta data. One can also find worksheets matching specific meta data.

The worksheets can be displayed in tab, column, or list style. In tab style, there are tabs at the lower part of the screen that allow switching between worksheets. In column style, a screen is divided into two, with the name of worksheets on the left-hand-side, and text editing area on the right.

In list style, a screen is also divided into two, but the name of worksheets and the list of meta data is displayed at the top of the page, while the text editing area is located at the bottom. All three styles allow one to easily shift the order of the worksheets on the screen; one can also delete or copy worksheets as needed.
mEdit2008 Beta 1
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