Microsoft Zune Software 4.8 RTM

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2011-08-24
O/S Windows XP SP3/Vista/7

Zune software is your one stop for music and entertainment. It's your digital media jukebox. Your media hub. A virtual nirvana of music, videos, and pictures. Download the Zune software to your PC to play and organize media, discover new tunes, share music throughout your home, and sync to your Zune device.

Rip and burn CDs. Create playlists. Edit track and album information. And Zune software can automatically import your existing files, including your music and video from iTunes and Windows Media Player.

Manage and view your songs, videos, and digital pictures. Rip and burn CDs. Create playlists. Edit track and album information. Plus, Zune software can automatically import your existing music, pictures and videos from iTunes and Windows Media® Player in a variety of formats, including your existing playlists and song ratings.

Shop Zune Marketplace to discover new tunes and find old favorites. Buy songs as you go with Microsoft Points, or download as many tracks as you want with a Zune Pass.

Needless to say, Zune works with... Zune! Get your library in order, and then connect your Zune device to enjoy your music, video, and pictures on the go. Album art looks great on Zune, too.

Zune works with Xboxâ„¢ 360! Share your library to stream music, videos, and pictures from the Zune software to devices on your network. Access your media in the Xbox Dashboard, or listen to your music while playing games.

Mixview, Just for You, and Now Playing
Dynamic representations of your collection, as well as artist and song recommendations based on what you and other members of the Social are listening to.

Rich search functionality
Zune software will offer you suggestions as you type, helping you find the name of an artist or band even if you don't know the correct spelling.

Social in the software
Set your favorite tracks, update your profile, change your status, and search for other Social members - all from within the software.

Windows Live Messenger integration
See your Windows Live Messenger contacts in the Social, and invite them to join with a click of the mouse.

New reputation badges
Get recognized for being a top reviewer or top forum poster.

E-mail notifications
Get a weekly digest of your friends' activities and real-time notifications of new messages and comments.

More play data
In addition to number of total plays, now see how many times a track has been added as a favorite or sent to a friend.

New Features:

  • Quickplay - Get instant access to the stuff you care about most with shortcuts to favorites, recently downloaded or played music, videos, and more.
  • Smart DJ - From any artist, album, or song, Smart DJ will generate a related playlist from the music on your computer and new music from Zune Marketplace.
  • Mini Mode - Putting the Zune software into mini mode while listening to music allows you to use your other programs while continuing to see what's playing.
  • Mixview - Launch into Mixview from any artist or album and discover a mosaic of connections to other artists, albums, and fans.
Microsoft Zune Software 4.8 RTM
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