Monitor Information Utility 1.0

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2009-07-14
O/S Windows XP/Vista

Monitor Information utility is a small free utility to display information about single or multiple monitor(s) connected to your computer in a list view. Main Window of the software utility displays information about dual monitor(s) connected to a computer. The dual monitors connected to the computer are configured in such as way that they together extend the displaying area making one monitor as primary monitor and other monitor as secondary monitor. Information displayed by the utility includes name, co-ordinates, bits per pixel and a flag to indicate whether the monitor is primary monitor or not.

The Free software utility displays information about two monitors connected to a computer. The Monitor Information utility will display information about all the monitors connected to the computer and is not restricted to display information only about dual monitors connected to a computer. Download free Monitor information utility now and know details about multiple monitors connected to your computer.

Monitor information utility will automatically update it's list of monitors whenever you enable / disable a monitor or connect or disconnect any plug-n-play display modem connected to a monitor. The title bar of the free software utility displays name of the nearest monitor to the window. In case you do move the main window of the utility to other monitor(s), the title of the window will be updated to reflect name of the nearest monitor. Just drag the application window to any other monitor and notice the name change in the title of the window. The utility will name the primary monitor as display 1 always.

Monitor Information Utility 1.0
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