Movies by CraigWorks 0.1.9a (build 1829)

Developer:Developers Website
O/S Windows XP/Vista/7

Movies by CraigWorks is an application that combines a movie collection organizer and a home theater PC software in one. Unlike most movie organizers, this application runs as web server and is accessed using a standard web browser like IE, Firefox and Chrome, so the interface is very familiar and easy to use. Computers on your network can all have access to the server to browse your collection.

Other movie organizer functions include importing movie information and images from the web with option to override, as-you-type searching through all movie attributes, and ability to relate movies together (e.g. sequels, original, re-make, etc..) and group movies (e.g. by age group, hand-picked favorites, etc) through custom lists. Lastly, TV episodes are supported as well.

As for home theater PC software abilities you are able to link movie files and play them using the integrated VLC media player or your own external player. See media information on your files like what encoding and container format is being used. Setup custom settings (e.g. vlc options, image sizes, image quality) for each display. Keep history of played movies including last position by display. Using the remote controller feature you can start and control a movie on another display. And stream movies to an iPad.

Also support backup and restore of data and images, external media players, data protection, and NEW import file utility.

Best of all the software is free!

System Requirements:

Movies by CraigWorks 0.1.9a (build 1829)
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