Multiple HTML File Maker 1.5

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2007-08-31
O/S Win 98/ME/2000/XP

Dynamic websites are very widely used and convenient to handle, but at some level of popularity they can overload your server, which will be unable to meet the load, and as a rule they require an investment in increased computer power (added memory, etc.). To solve this problem, Multiple HTML File Maker facilitates the creation of static pages with data, which will likewise be well indexed by search engines.

Using just one file with a database, you can create your own web catalogs, and any product manuals and program catalogs, comprising a great number (thousands ) of static HTML pages with a directory.

In this manner, Multiple HTML File Maker permits generating a great number of files, based on only two files:

  1. The text file with data (simple text file with any delimiter)
  2. A webpage or website template.

The text file with data can be, for example, a list of goods or program products (note the example which is provided within the base program directory).

This program was created primarily for webmasters but also has a great number of other purposes, including SEO site optimization. In fact, this is a simple report generator that doesn't need installation or special drivers.

Multiple HTML File Maker will help you present information to a large number of users as static pages and without large expenditures in upgrading the technology, and likewise can possibly help optimize your site for more optimal indexing by search engines.
Multiple HTML File Maker 1.5
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