MYDBPanel M-V1.1Z

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2006-02-15
O/S Platform Independent

MYDBPanel is the World's most powerful web based Database Administration Software. MYDBPanel is aimed to provide the world a software product , that can be used to completely manage, administrate and use any Database Servers over a secured and easy to use web based environment. The Database Servers include Oracle , MySql , SQL Server.


  • MYDBPanel is an advanced web based control panel which is used to Manage/Administrate/Use a database server at the same environment. The user can use MYDBPanel in Any computer in the world provided with an Internet connection.
  • MYDBPanel is perfectly designed to cater the utmost features of any database server , sometimes even that database proprietary features.
  • MYDBPanel is perfectly Designed to operate any Database servers and at the same time allowing the user to execute a database server's specific functions/commands.
  • You can add user accounts using MYDBPanel for a Database in the Server and even make the database server to authenticate the user , only if the user conntect through SSL.
MYDBPanel M-V1.1Z
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