myDesktop Online 1.3.0

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2009-03-30
O/S Win 98/2000/XP/Vista

Have you ever wanted to share with the world what you're currently doing on your computer, or even check up on what someone else may be doing on your computer?

myDesktop Online allows you to periodically capture your entire desktop and upload the captured image to an FTP server of your choice. Once running, the program monitors your desktop unobtrusively from the system tray, uploading images at whatever rate you specify. Supported image formats include BMP, GIF, PNG, and JPG (with variable quality compression). If you have your own personal website, a possible application would be an automatically refreshing page that streams your desktop out to users.

myDesktop Online supports multiple monitors and will capture your full virtual desktop with the option of cropping/scaling the image. Users also have the ability to specify a list of phrases known as the 'Capture Protection' list. When the program attempts to capture the desktop, it first verifies that there are no open windows containing any Capture Protection phrases in their title. If such a window is found, the current capture is aborted.
System Requirements : Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
myDesktop Online 1.3.0
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