New Audio Components 2.0

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2009-07-14
O/S Windows XP/Vista

New Audio Components are designed to help your Delphi programs perform different sound processing tasks. With NewAC you can play audio stored in many formats (wav, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, Monkey Audio, WavPack, MP3, Windows WMA, True Audio (TTA), OptimFROG, TAK, Musepack). The playback is performed in the background, and although your application can control it (stop, pause, move forward and backward, play in a loop) it can perform other tasks while audio plays.

You can play sound not only from external files, but also from sound resources embedded into your program, and, in fact, from any stream providing audio data. But NewAC not only allows you to play sound, you can acquire audio data from such input devices as microphone or CD, from live audio server, and encode it into any of the audio formats mentioned above. While playing audio stored in a file or while writing audio content to a file you can manipulate tags supported by the chosen audio format.

In addition to all this, NewAC can perform some audio editing tasks, like mixing and concatenating audio streams, selecting fragments of streams, and performing sample rate and bits per sample conversions. Requires Delphi 6 or later.

New Audio Components 2.0
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