NexTune Nexus 3.5

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2009-05-02
O/S Win 2000/XP/2003/Vista

A powerful playlisting tool. Create custom playlists in seconds. Get song recommendations for playlists. Send playlists to friends.

Get Powerful Playlisting:

  • Create personilzed playlists in seconds.
  • Compose iTunes™ and MediaPlayer™ playlists.
  • Built in SmartMix™ and MoodMaker™
  • Get song recommendations for playlists.
  • Discover new music instantly.
  • Live Streaming of custom playlists.

Get Connected To Friends:

  • Link to your FaceBook friends.
  • Link to your NexTune friends.
  • Download and play NexTune member playlists.

Download Music:

  • Buy digital downloads from Amazon MP3.
  • Listen to full length songs.
NexTune Nexus 3.5
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