Orca 1.1

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2007-02-12
O/S Windows, Linux/Unix

Orca – Interactive Forum Script is based on AJAX technology, and can be fully integrated to any community software.

Orca has the following modern features: Self-Ruling forum (you needn't waste your time to moderate or administer the forum, since your community members can do it themselves), Sticky Topics (it's easy to make announcements for your community members), Live Tracker (works in real time), TinyMCE, Reply with Quote (the ability leave a comment or post reply inside the post).

Orca is reliably tested on our own site and already proved to support over 20000 registered members smoothly without server overload. Another great feature is that Orca comes with a General Public License (GPL)! Orca is the best forum for your community site.
Orca 1.1
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