The Owner-Free File System 0.19.12

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2008-06-09
O/S Win (All), MAC, Linux

You can imagine the OFFSYSTEM as a very big distributed hard disk: The vision of the OFFSYSTEM is to be the biggest online storage solution all over the world by a constantly growing peer-to-peer-network, supported by you and other users. Upload a file into the OFFSYSTEM in Asia, turn off the computer and download it from the OFFSYSTEM-network with another machine in America a few weeks later. The file will be still available in the OFFSYSTEM. That is the library of the future for any kind of media! And the access to the library is owned by the users, by you! - The network is owner free.

So what is the OFFSYSTEM?

The OFFSYSTEM is the Owner Free File System - which means, the hard disc is not owned by anyone, which means then: it is owned by us all!As in any local File System, you can store (disperse) and retrieve (download) files. In the OFFSYSTEM is that done online, which means, any user having acess to the internet, can store or upload and download own, foreign or public files.

All files, which you upload to the OFFSYSTEM, are cutted into a kind of small pieces, bits and bytes - called Blocks -, which are then stored by peer-to-peer-technology.

That is all absolutely safe and secure, you can read in the technology section, how the file is stored and why the Block has no reference to the original file, because in the OFFSYSTEM a byte-range of several different original-files perform one Block. The Block has nothing to do anymore with the original file. You can imagine it as encrypted, though it is not encrypted, but it is data, which was "mixed" out of serveral original files. One Block can have multiple, contingent meaning - as they are build out of different original files.

So you can store as well your private files in the OFFSYSTEM, no peer will ever be able to read them. The peers share only hundreds of small and mixed together Blocks - "white nose data". Blocks are algorhythm generated random data, which no one owns.

Linux and MacOS versions are available for download at the developer's website.

The Owner-Free File System 0.19.12
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