Paglo Crawler Beta

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2008-07-03
O/S Win 2000/XP/2003/Vista

The Paglo Open Source Crawler automatically discovers all of your IT data and gives you the ability to search for answers to your computer, network, and user questions. Think 'Google for IT.' Once you download it and tell it to get started, the Crawler automatically scans your network, devices, and other IT assets, and captures their characteristics, giving you unprecedented search and analytics capabilities. It allows you to return both simple text results as well as rich quantitative data.

Once the Paglo Crawler has collected all the data it then securely delivers your IT information to your Paglo Search Index - in a separate and unassailable location that only you have access to - so you can search and analyze your data through your Paglo Web account. And since the Paglo Crawler is open source, you can extend it with to gather additional data through its simple plug-in architecture.

The Crawler is installed on only one computer in your network, and does not install itself on any other systems. It initially scans every system that it detects and as it continues to run it listens passively for any new devices. Whenever it discovers a new device, the Crawler immediately gathers rich data about that device and adds it to your Search Index. The Crawler runs continually but uses minimal network and system resources. It does not leave any footprints on the machines that it scans and it can be re-configured to scan your network at any time interval you set.

The Paglo Crawler enables you to search all of your IT data and identify and solve your IT issues. In addition to its core search capabilities, you can take any search result and generate rich dashboards to keep your fingers on the pulse of your IT environment. You can also use a number of additional applications that have been built on the Paglo platform and tap the wisdom of the community through Paglo share-its which are saved searches, dashboards, and alerts.

Paglo Crawler Beta
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