Password Keychain

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2006-03-28
O/S Win 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP/2K3

Password Keychain allows you to save all your passwords in one place, encrypted and at your fingertips. Now you have the freedom to create unique passwords for all your accounts and never worry about forgetting them.

Password Keychain uses several types of encryption for each password. We won't divulge our exact methods but we use government recognized encryption standards along with private encryption algorithms. So you can feel secure in storing you passwords. Your passwords are not stored in a folder where anyone can see and possibly 'accidentally' delete them. Your data is stored in the same place that your Windows operating system uses to store information it needs to start itself.

Plus it's virtually free from corruption since it's maintained by your operating system. You can also backup your passwords for extra protection and to make it easy to transfer Password Keychain data to another computer.

One of the best features of Password Keychain is the integration with most browsers. When you navigate to a web site that Password Keychain recognizes and is storing a password for, all you have to do is press a couple of keys and you can paste the username and password into the fields on the page. You don't even have to switch to Password Keychain! It sits quietly in the system tray out of your way.

When you sign up for a new login at a web based resource, Password Keychain will detect it and automatically enter the site details for you. You can even have Password Keychain create a secure password for you!


  • Easy to use and modern interface.
  • Unlimited number of entries.
  • Built-in password generator will help you to create new secure passwords very easily. You can control the specifications for any password such as uppercase, numbers, length, etc.
  • Copy username/password to clipboard for non web site logins.
  • Context sensitive help throughout.
  • Launch sites by double clicking the entry in Password Keychain.
  • Web update feature will check and update Password Keychain for you on demand.
  • Backup/Restore feature will save your password data for transferring to another computer or just to back up for security reasons.
Password Keyper
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