Patch Downloader 6.01

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2009-05-10
O/S Windows 2000/XP/Vista

Patch Downloader simplifies the task of downloading patches for various ESX versions by automating the task. If a user does not want to, or cannot, use Update Manager (because they do not have a license or do not have internet access from the ESX/VC hosts) they must download patches manually from the VMware website through a Java Download manager. It's easy to miss a patch, and painfully slow to find and select the ones you want. These downloaded patches go on an HTTP or FTP repository, or are copied direct to each host over SSH, and the esxupdate utility is used to patch the ESX host.

With Patch Downloader, you just open the app, select the version of ESX from the drop down, and select a file repository (folder, drive map, SMB share, etc.) where you want to download the patches. It lists all of the available ESX patches as well as information about each including description and severity of the problem it corrects and the impact to the VM/Host. The patch grid can be sorted by column so it's easy to bring all the CRITICAL patches to the top, for example. When you click download, it will download all of the VMware ESX patches you select to the repository, but skip any that are already there รข€“ simplifying your ESX patch management by keeping your ESX patch repository up to date.

Patch Downloader 6.01
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