PC Lighthouse 2.5.0

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2008-08-08
O/S Win 2000/XP/2003/Vista

PC Lighthouse takes the mystery out of Windows by revealing every program running on your system and telling you precisely what those programs are doing. Find out what programs are hogging your resources and slowing your system down.

Terminate any unwanted programs, remove programs from loading when Windows boots up, and always know your complete system status at a single glance.

PC Lighthouse employs a highly graphical and intuitive interface as well as a built-in Help system for easy access. Below is a screenshot of PC Lighthouse in action.

Real-Time Information
Get instant access to real-time statistics about all the programs running on your computer. See how much of your CPU power each program is using, how much memory they are taking up and how often they read and write to your hard drive. You can also see at a quick glance any program that is accessing the Internet, helping you stop unwanted activity.

Control what runs on your PC
Terminate unwanted programs, keep programs from loading when Windows boots up, and protect your PC from malicious programs by always knowing exactly what is running on your system and what programs are doing.

Keep your system stable, yourself informed
The more you know about your system the better you are equipped to protect it. The tools that PC Lighthouse provides will give you insight into how your computer works, allowing you to remove programs that slow your system down as well as spot programs that might harm your system.

The Start-up Manager allows you to easily manage the programs that load when your computer boots up, speeding up boot times and increasing memory for the programs you actually use.
PC Lighthouse 2.5.0
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