PdfMerge 1.19

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2009-03-16
O/S Win 2000/XP/Vista

PdfMerge was written to fill the need for producing large PDF documentsfrom multiple sources in an automated way. To serve this need it meetsthe following requirements:
  • Allows the split and merge process to be driven from a list file
  • Allows the creation of bookmark trees by specifying bookmarks to be added (bookmarks are also called outlines)
  • Allows the import of bookmarks from the merged documents.
  • Supports merging of large documents quickly
  • Allows population of document title fields
PdfMerge is open source and completely free for both commercial and non-commercial applications.

PdfMerge uses the PDFsharp library for manipulation of the PDF file.For PdfSharp licensing and information refer to the sourceforge page: sourceforge.net/projects/PDFsharp
PdfMerge 1.19
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