PRUNA Unlimited 1.0

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2008-08-01
O/S Windows XP

A P2P file sharing application that supports the eDonkey network. Share videos, music, documents, including all types of image files to search. Easy for beginners and supports features for advanced users.


  • Donkey (eDonkey)-compatible programs # - Worldwide donkey (eDonkey) program and the series is fully compatible with the same series peuruna all users, not just the users and file-sharing programs available
  • Plus feature pruna (high-speed file transfer) # - A couple of separate protocol between pruna - pruna users with high-speed file transfer all existing: Multi-file transfer capabilities and file transfer capabilities side by side with a 1:1 .ID to check their own files, such as file search / receiving connection with existing 1:1 way to overcome the limitations of transport P2P.
  • Way hash ID files # - The contents of the file and file names are not unique to separate the hash value created by maximizing speed file searching, and search for files / Receiving connection, receiving the same file with divided
PRUNA Unlimited 1.0
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