Random Tagline Manager 4.7.5

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2008-09-25
O/S Win 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP/2K3

Random Tagline Manager will allow you to add random taglines, or signatures to your outgoing emails. It works with any email program that uses Text/Html/RTF type files for signatures. The program includes over 6500 taglines, and allows you to add your own or to edit the existing ones.

Random Tagline Manager comes with many features that allow you to customize the signature placement, including the current date and more.


  • Ability to create Text, HTML, and RTF tagline files
  • Randomize taglines, or use a single tagline, from selected database
  • Center taglines on line(with and w/o word wrap)
  • Change color of displayed tagline(HTML & RTF files only
  • Change font of displayed tagline(HTML & RTF files only)
  • Change size of font in displayed tagline(HTML & RTF files only)
  • Display border around tagline
  • Works with Multiple users(each with their own settings)
  • Display date in tagline with a variety of options, even Random, and Roman Numerals
  • Append, Edit, or Replace tagline(s) in current tagline database
  • Copy tagline file to a second directory(helpful if using two seperate user profiles using same tagline file)
  • Edit custom signature file(like a blueprint for how the tagline file will be saved)
  • Works with most Email programs(except for Web Based Email, like AOL)
  • Ability to add graphics to your taglines (HTML files ONLY!)
  • Option to display a countdown message within tagline signature
Random Tagline Manager 4.7.5
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