ResophNotes Portable 1.2.4

Developer:Developers Website
O/S Windows XP/Vista/7

Simple and fast notes for Windows.


  • Sync online with Simplenote
  • Access notes on iPhone and iPad through Simplenote app
  • Portable version suitable for flash drive. Support relative path from ResophNotes.exe. (no modification on host computer)
  • Simplenote Tag support
  • Optional plain text file (.txt) per note as database. ResophNotes will automatically generate .txt files in the first sync.
  • Recognize HTTP and file link in note for redirect
  • Support "internal link" with [ and ] (wikilink)
  • Restore deleted note(s), permanently delete note(s)
  • Import text file (.txt), Outlook .csv, Toodledo .csv
  • Add global hot-key to restore window when minimized
  • Complete keyboard control
  • Multiple-word search
  • Support "Markdown" (text-to-HTML conversion) with preview
  • Sort by title or last modified date
  • Minimized to system tray
  • Email and print notes from app
  • Right-to-left text (beta)

System Requirements:

ResophNotes Portable 1.2.4
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