Springli Timer 0.2

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2010-09-25
O/S Windows XP/Vista/7

Springli Timer is an useful utility that can act as a count down timer with an Alarm sound and message or a stop watch. Both Modes allow pausing, and both minimized and "tiny" modes. The reason we wrote this little utility is because we were trying to make a video within the 10 minute YouTube limit and we just wanted a quick free timer program. We tried a couple popular ones but they either made our AVG virus protection light up or they installed unwanted Toolbars in our Internet Explorer even when we opted NOT to install the pesky things. Well, this frustrated me personally enough to do something about it. So... Here you have it... a FREE timer application with no strings attached or unwanted digital badness: Just quality!

Why did we call it Springli Timer? Aside from being my wife and business partner's name, Springli had a lot of say in how this tool should look and perform because she has used various timer applications (I had no idea) and we made sure to not include the things she found frustrating and we added the things she found to be most useful. I think now we can make them videos under ten minutes pretty easy!

Springli Timer 0.2
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